Press Conference March 15,2019 Nursing Home

DECEMBER 2018 Nursing Home WaiT List

Nursing Home Wait List 2017-2018

Nursing Home Wailtlist October 2018


Claire Gay, President,
Debbie Ellison, 1st Vice President
Debbie McCormack, 2nd Vice President
Martha Thompson 3rd Vice President
Lorraine Casey, Secretary
Annette -Landry Roy, SERFNB
Wayne Brown, NB Council Unions
Phil Best, SOAR
Nelson Vessey, Agriculture Union Local 6005
Kelly Bastarache, Peoples Park Tower
Betty Peacock, CN Pensioners
Pat Goobie, National Association of Federal Retires
Cecile Cassista, Executive Director 

Nursing home Walt list June 2018

Nursing Home Wait List May 2018

Open to the Public its Free

Coalition Annual meeting June 22, 2018