Our Beginning

Our Beginning

  The Coalition for Nursing Home Residents’ Rights was officially established in March 14, 2004.  This followed an initial meeting held in February to determine whether forming a Coalition would meet the needs of individuals and/or groups to effect change in nursing home policies to stop the practice of seizing assets to pay for nursing home daily fees.
   In August 2003 three women from the Greater Moncton area, Elizabeth Martin, Bonnie Hayward, and Rachel Bourgeois, accompanied MLA Mike Murphy to the NB Legislature to press upon the government to make the change.

   Many letters to the editor were written by various individuals including Elizabeth Martin, Rachel Bourgeois, Bonnie Hayward, Veronica Ratchford, Sandra McNeilly, Wayne Harrigan and Cecile Cassista calling upon the government to address the injustice of nursing care daily fees policy.
   A teleconference called between Esmonde Barry, David Owen, Fred Roussel and others led to a meeting on February 14, 2004, in Fredericton.  David Owen was instrumental in bringing the Moncton delegation together since he was the leader of the Action Committee in the Greater Moncton area.  The Coalition grew quickly and soon represented more than fifty seniors’ groups and over 100,000 New Brunswickers.  All participants for this non-partisan organization are volunteers; there has never been government funding for their work.  The group worked tirelessly and they accomplished success in 2006.

   The Coalition work continues to effect policy change for the aging population.

Our Beginning
Coalition for Seniors and Nursing Home Residents’ Rights
 Working Group - Founders of the Coalition

Organizing meetings February 14, 2004 and March 14, 2004 (Fredericton)
Arséne Melanson                                Gloria Mclvleen                      Pat Hay
Aurele Ferlatte                                    Ian Grant                                Paul Yung
Barb Harrigan                                    Ivan Court                               Reg MacDonald                     
Bev Cook                                          Jean Driscoll                            Richard Anderson                              
Bill Farren                                           John Brander                           Ron Melvin      
Bruce Benton                                      Kathleen Cruttenden                Roxie Whitman
Cecile Cassista                                    Leo Cassista                            Sandra McNeilly                    
Chet Randall                                       Leo Doucet                             Sheila Owen               
David Aird                                          Leona Gallant                         Veronica Ratchford
David Owen                                       Loretta Naisse                         Wayne Harrigan
Dennis Driscoll                                   Madeline Gaudet                    Wendell Fulton                      
Dr. Gordon Higgins                            Mavis Hurley                         
Eileen Malone                                     Mike Brown                                                   
Elizabeth Martin                                 Maureen Barry                                   
Esmonde Barry                                   Pat Goobie                                         
Frank Jefferies                                                Philip Fran
Fred Roussel                                                   Patricia Melanson
            When the Coalition was first formed it was known as
                                 “Coalition for Nursing Home Rights”   “Standing Up for You”
·         It later changed its name to include Coalition for Nursing Home Residents’ Rights and later incorporated ” Seniors”

·         It now retains  the name  Coalition for Seniors and Nursing Home Residents” Rights”
                                                                          “Standing Up for You”

·         Seven (7) board members were elected March 14, 2004.

·         In 2005, with increasing interest, the Coalition invited supporting organizations to appoint a representative which expanded the board to its current number of 14 volunteers.