Nursing Home Daily/ Monthly Fees

Charges for Long Term Care Facilities - Canada


New Brunswick
Income:                   Total income based ---   Veteran disability claw back linked to service related injury
Daily Fees:                             $101.00 / day July 1,2012
Other:                                    Comfort allowance, $108/ month

British Columbia

Income:                   Net income –  reported income tax return
Daily Fees:              $932.00 min; $3,1022.80 max $82. per day
Other:                     Comfort Allowance, $325 per month
Date Change             January 2012


Income:                   Income not applicable ---Veteran disability not included
Daily Fees:              $45.85 standard room -$1,395; semi-private;$48.40 -1,472 ; private;$55.90 -$1700
Other:                     Comfort allowance- $315.00 /handicap $265.00 per month
Date change             February -2012


Income:                  Income tested - tax return --- Veteran Disability not included; pays standard resident charge plus 50% of the portion of income between $1,194-$2,962
Daily Fees:              $1014.00 min- $1,931 max$34.71 min per day $64.37 max per day
Other:                     Disposable income $216 -$1096 depending on income
Date Change:         April  1 - 2012


Income:                   Net income - notice tax assessment Revenue Agency. Veteran Disability not included
Daily Fees:              $1007.50 monthly - $2356.00 max per month
Other:                     Disposable income $288.00 per month
Date Change:          August 2012


Income:                   Co- payment subsidy available for basic accommodation, exceptional circumstances for low income
Daily Fees:              $55.04 per day basic, $1,674.14 per month, Semi-Private;$63.04 -$1917.47 Private room ; $73.04 per day $2,21.64, 
                                 $2,221.64 preferred accommodation additional $9 for Semi-Private,$19.75 per day  Private
Other:                     Comfort Allowance $132 per month
Date Change:          July 1, 2012


Income:                   Category of room /or person ability to pay.  (Liquid assets, property, monthly income, and family                                                                   situation taken into account when unable to pay).
Daily Fees:              $1,063.80 standard room;  three or more beds, Semi- private $1,431.00; 2 or more beds; private $1,711.80
Other:                     Personal expense allowance $197.00/month.
Date Change:          January 2012

Nova Scotia

Income:                   Net income - tax return excludes GST and Veterans disability pensions
Daily Fees:              $99.00 per day; Nursing Homes Residential Care $61.00 per day, Community based Options $49.50 per day. Respite $31.00 per day
Other:                     Comfort Allowance; $235.00 per month
Date Change:          November  2011

Prince Edward Island

Income:                   Net annual income less $26,500 may qualify for subsidy - Tax return required Veteran Disability not included
Daily Fees:              Manors & Private $77.60 per day; government subsidy $30,000 or less qualify for subsidy
Other:                     Comfort allowance subsidized residents only. $103/ month, no cap accumulate each month.
Date Change:          January 2012

Newfoundland / Labrador

Income:                   Total income & liquid assets, individual keeps $10,000 couples keeps $20,000 liquid assets.
Daily Fees:              Income over $2800 used towards monthly rate $2800 / month most residents subsidized paying average $1000/                                   month towards the $2800
Other:                     Personal allowance $150 month.
Date Change:          April 2010

Income:                   Not applicable
Daily Fees                $18.00 - $21 per day
Other:                      Medical Supplies/ Medications covered. Laundry extra Request resident retain $100 in account
Date Change:          unknown

This data has been prepared by the Coalition for Seniors’ and Nursing Home Residents’ Rights, for information purposes only. Compiled from government website or written confirmation from provinces/ Territory.
Please note:   Revised,  August , 2012