Nursing Care Daily Fees /Assets Protection 
Pre 2006 - All liquid assets of both spouses were used to cover the cost of nursing homes.

In 2006 assets were removed, from nursing home calculations, a daily fee of $70 per day was implemented.

Daily nursing home fees are $101 effective July 1, 2012, Effective - April, 2013, $107, effective April, 2014 $113 per day.

Special Care Home daily fees increased from $74 per day to $75.50 per day effective April, 2012

A resident of a nursing home retains $108 per month for from their income and a $135 per month in a special care home for personal needs.


·         That the government establish a Long-Term Care Act that would house all policies affecting seniors and protect the seizing of assets to pay for nursing care.

·         That a policy be implemented where an operator who is unable to resolve an issue or concerns with a resident, will have the issue dealt by the provincial ombudsman.
·         That a nursing care facility be legislated to accept individuals on a first come first serve basis.

·         That the personal allowance to be increased to $277 per month for nursing home and special care home.

Ø  Comfort allowance in 2004 for nursing homes was $88 per month increased in 2007 to $108 per month.
Ø  For Special Care Homes $128 per month increased in 2007 to $135 per month.


Seniors Working Group April, 18, 2012, brief to Social Development