Daily Rate Increase - Nursing Home Sector

Excerpt of communication received from Minister Brian Kenny Minister of State for Seniors

  • Nursing homes are not owned by the province but are typically constituted as private, not-for-profit companies, operated through a volunteer board of directors, and a professional nursing home administrator.

  • Currently, average cost per nursing home bed is approximately $178 per day or about $5000 a month for each nursing home resident.

  • Cost associated with the delivery of nursing care and the room and board costs have been estimated at $83 per day and consist of services and supplies associated with the cost of the nursing home building, its maintenance as well as expenses in housekeeping, dietary, laundry, and with the operations.

  • Prior to January 1, 2007 average daily rate was $164 per day and the per diem varied depending on the nursing home.

  • Province is fully or partially subsidizing about 80% of residents,covering health costs and provides financial assistant to those who are unable to pay room and board.

  • An individual may qualify for a subsidy if single with an income below $32,000.

  • Couples may qualify for a subsidy if their total income is below $56,000.
  • Estimated approximately 700 seniors affected by the rate change.

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