Coalition Meets Candidates on " Let's Put Vision in Seniors' Needs "- Posted August 18, 2010

Coalition Board  discuss the ten point senior vision plan with candidates. Seating from left to right: Kevin Robart, candidate for Moncton North,  Cecile Cassista. Executive Director, Anne Marie Picone -Ford, candidate  for Moncton West, Debbie Ellison Secretary, Louise Gilbert, Board Member.

Anne Marie Picone-Ford said that she could not make any promises  but  said that she holds senior issues very near to her heart, and  said she is sincere when  she says that.  Her commitment is to work very hard and not waste time or money says Cassista.

Candidates were reminded of the short fall in the 3.5 hours of care, home care needs to be addressed so that seniors can continue to live in their homes as long as they are able with provided services. The ten point vision  addressed other key points that affect seniors on a daily basis.

Both candidates were caring and understanding of seniors issues says Cassista.