Coaliton Meets with John Betts MLA for Moncton Crecent- Posted August 26, 2010

Seating left Debbie Ellison, Cecile Cassista and John Betts
Members of the Coalition meet with John Betts to discuss the Coalition ten point seniors vision. Although Mr Betts was non-committal to  any of the points  with the exception  of his party commitment earlier this year such as the ambulance fee restoration,  an office to oversee complaints and investigation and a diabetic strategy.

He stated he appreciated the work the Coalition does and that we do great work for the cause. He was not prepared to share what was in the platform. He was asked what his version of ability to pay meant. He was  not able to confirm if this was a position of the party. He said that if this was discuss he was not part of the discussion.

Cecile Cassista, reminded  him of what it was like under the Lord government  when all liquid assets were taken into consideration.The Coalition is being very watchful that we do not return to those  horrific days when families and their loves ones were placed in situation of losing their life savings.

The Coalition will continue to meet with as many candidates as possible during the election campaign.It is extremely important that we educate  the candidates to get our message across that seniors vision is important and seniors should not be forgotten says Cassista.

We have requested a meeting with David Alward, however he has not responded to our request.
We have received notification that  we have been placed on the  liberal  scheduling list  to meet with the Leader of the Liberal Party  says Cassista.