Long Term Care - Cost General Information 2012

Long Term - Care Information in New Brunswick
Nursing Homes
    Nursing Homes          Allowance                   Beds                     Dailey Fees               Full pay                     Other
62 Non Profit  
3 private total 65  homes
 $108/ month
 4400 beds
$101/ per day subsidizes income base
 800 residents
Assessed by Social Development Level 3 &4
Hours of Care 3.1/ resident
Special Care Home
430 Special Homes Private
 $135/month allowance
6000 beds
$75.50/ per day income base
Assessed by Social Development
Level 1 & 2

Full pay unknown  
Level 1- 1400 residents
 Level 2 - 4000 residents
                   Home Care Services
Client subsides 4400
Agency paid $16.50/hour
Care giver  -min wages and up
income base
Assessed by Social Development
Hours per month 336 – 107 receiving services per month as of July, 2010

full pay unknown
$4,181/month per client-Average paid / month by client $329 Government pays $3,852/month per client
Ambulance Services - Fees for current receptions of entitled services of Social Development will be waived, including those subsidized residents in receipt of a health card who reside in Nursing Homes, Special Care Homes, or their own homes, and those in Foster Care. Fees for low income seniors are waived if:
1.                   They are in receipt of the guaranteed income supplement; and or
2.                   They qualify for the New Brunswick Prescription Drug Program by virtue of low income or the guaranteed income supplement.
3.                   Currently 50,000 low income seniors in New Brunswick.
Dated - September 8, 2010 - Coalition for Seniors’ and Nursing Home Residents’ Rights – Long – Term Care - information