Petitcodic Candidate, Sherry Wilson meets with Coaliton - Posted August 17, 2010

Progressive  Conservative, Candidate, Sherry Wilson, of Petitcodiac meets with Cecile Cassista, executive director and Debbie Ellison, board member  to discuss the ten point  vision for seniors needs.

Boards members are meeting with as many candidates as possible to get their message out that seniors issues need to be taken seriously. The ten point vision speaks to issues that affect seniors on a daily basis. Although the candidate did not commit to any of the points, but did say that she could support the Coalition position.

Sherry Wilson said she supported the ability to pay concept, which is a concern  if the Progressive Conservative form government, they may be want to implement the liquid assets system  as opposed to the single entry of  daily fees. The Coalition will not stand by to allow this to happen, we need to put the fire out  before it starts says Cassista.

Cecile Cassista, shared the difficulties  New Brunswickers experience under the Lord government when all  liquid assets were considered. Cassista stated that the Coalition was formed in 2004 to lobby the government for change. The change came about as a result of a change in government in 2006.