Seniors- The Sickest and the Poorest - Prescription Drug Increase

Shocking News to say the least Government picking on the Most Vulnerable Seniors  - Shame!

For the Minister to say that seniors can get their medication for 90 days is absurd. This is not possible for those living in assisted living, special care homes because all their medications are issued on a monthly basis some on three week intervals.

If the medication is change then the Blister pack has to be redone and the co-payment is charge for redoing the  pack.
But what about seniors issued prescriptions and are not able to take it them  perhaps due allergic reaction they are out of pocket AGAIN.

On the other hand if you take 90 days’ supply your co-pay is $9.05 but the government is paying for medication you may not need.  Not managing the tax payers money well. These seniors are the most vulnerable in our society and are not being treated fairly by this government