Don’t let Liberals take seniors’ assets March 24, 2015

Fredericton Daily Gleaner

In an article about seniors’ assets, Liberal MLA Victor Boudreau suggests the pendulum has swung to far.
As I recall, at one time when a senior had to be placed in care, if he/she had property, that property was taken by government as part payment for special care. A previous government changed that to a fair system. Should that be reversed?

I have no wish to be an alarmist, but we all know the present provincial government is looking at everything but the obvious to save money.

The previous system, as you may recall, would leave a spouse with no place to live if their partner was the registered owner of the property and had to be placed in special care. Do you want this? I sincerely doubt it. It might be wise to contact your local MLA/minister and let your feelings be known.

After all you have paid tax on your property for a lifetime, you have tended it as an owner. You may have sacrificed to keep your property in the family. You probably have family who you would wish to inherit your property. Do you want the government to take possession of your assets? I sincerely doubt that.

By the way, the savings that the present government pursues is at hand, but they will not acknowledge that forced bilingualism and duality are the root cause of the massive provincial debt.

The cost of bilingualism to Canada since its inception exceeds a trillion dollars.
Doubt me? Check the facts.
Ted Ross