Social Development Policy Discharge/ Eviction Nursing Care Facilities

 Does this make sense?

Important information to be aware of. 
Department of Social Development policy, Standards & Procedures states you have rights but the Nursing Home Act states you can be discharge/ evicted for any reason.

Standards and Procedures for
Adult Residential Facilities 

6.1.8 Every Resident is allowed to exercise the rights of a citizen and raise concerns or recommend changes in policies, and services on behalf of himself or herself or others to the Facilities Staff, Government Officials or any other person inside or outside the home, without fear of interference, coercion, discrimination or reprisal.

Nursing Home Act 
Discharge of resident
17(1)If for any reason an operator intends to discharge a resident, the operator shall give at least 15 days’ notice of that intention to the resident and to his or her next of kin or legal representative unless the operator believes, on reasonable grounds, that the immediate discharge of the resident to the custody of another person is necessary for the safety of the resident or of other residents or staff.