National Home Care - VISION

Vision for Aging in  Place.

Aging in place refers to living where you lived for years; it also means growing older without having to move from your community to a health care environment.

The needs and abilities of older seniors change gradually over time. The kinds of changes and when they occur vary from one person to the next.

Many seniors can remain active and independent in their own homes; others need a little help to continue living in the community.

Independence and security can be tied to financial ability to allow people to remain in their own homes or communities

The proportion of seniors in N.B. increased by 15 per cent over the past five years, while the number of children decreased by four per cent.
·         Coalition calls for the Federal Government in cooperation with the provinces to implement a National Home Care Program with standards and provisions of core services comparable from province to province.

·         The program must be comprehensive, based on non-profit or public delivery and be accessible to seniors.

·         To set the standards, the federal government can use the examples of best practices and standard delivery and fully funded programs.

·         The Federal programs for the Veterans which assist veterans to remain in their own homes and communities with an emphasis of independent living.

·         The best home care program can be found in Manitoba. Established in its present form in September 1974, it is the oldest comprehensive, province-wide, universal homes care program in Canada.

·         A key element in developing this program is to set national training standards for caregivers and minimum hours of care given to type of individuals.

·         Home support workers and home care go hand in hand where programs should include professional services such as nursing, occupational therapy and social work; personal care services to assist in the activities in daily activities.
New Brunswick
Ø  The Coalition calls upon the provincial government to incorporate home support workers under the same jurisdiction as the extra-mural program.

Ø  The wages of home support workers should be improved with high standards of training, ongoing skills and career development.