Ambulance - Preliminary statistical information

Preliminary statistical information from NB EMS (who manages the fee collection process on behalf of ANB) for the period of time from July 1 - September 15, 2009.

- Number of invoices created for people over the age of 65 = 5,438
- Number of invoices sent out - 4,213 (1,225 invoices voided as these were seniors living in nursing homes and who had a health card)
- Number of individual seniors who received invoices = 3,168 (some have received more than 1 invoice as they have required more than 1 ambulance transportation).

Uncertain at this time as to how many seniors (in the group of 3,168 above) have inadvertently received an invoice (or who will have their invoice "voided") as this is still being resolved by NB EMS as they do further follow-up with the clients.

The Policy is being reviewed for clarity purposes with respect to the Guaranteed Income Supplement requirement to wave the ambulance fee.