Coalition Annual Meeting November 21, 2009

 Hector Cormier, the Coalition’s President, presents award to Veronica Ratchford and Aurele Ferlatte as a token for an outstanding contribution to such a worthy cause and its realizations on behalf of a most vulnerable group in society.  

 Aurele Ferlatte and Veronica Ratchford are names many people in New Brunswick would recognize. Their role as Chair and Vice Chair during the formation of a Coalition in 2004 to bring justice to seniors, this specific sector of society, has lead to many improvements in the long-term care development.

 Their concept of heading up a Coalition to effect change and social justice in the area of long-term care development for those living in nursing homes, and others needing special care or home care is gratifying to all citizens of New Brunswick.

The Coalition today counts more than fifty member organizations, which, in turn, represent no less than 100,000 members coming from a cross section of individuals and groups consisting of senior’s organizations, church, women, retirees, legions, researchers, and labor groups.

The Coalition for Seniors and Nursing Home Residents’ Rights recognizes and pays special tribute to these two individuals for their determination to take on the challenge to help build such an organization as it exist today with an eighteen member board that bring justice to our most vulnerable in society.