Letters to the editor

I read David Alward's recent comments on the proposed sale of NB Power and would like to comment.
Alward never ceases to amaze me with his constant political posturing. All he is saying is that he doesn't agree that NB Power should be sold.
OK then, what would you do? You and your party have yet to come up with a better alternative!

How then will you deal with the fact that New Brunswick cannot afford to maintain and upgrade what is now a millstone around the necks of N.B. taxpayers? What about the economic fallout if we are not able to meet pending emission standards?

The fact is, you are playing political games with something that is terribly important to the future economy of New Brunswick. The fact is, many Conservatives secretly support this deal and are being whipped into taking the "party line."

I suggest that if you want to criticize, you should have a better alternative.

I have far more respect for Frank McKenna's position on this issue. He has an excellent sense of what needs to happen in New Brunswick if we are going to be able to meet the needs of New Brunswickers in the future.

Saint John