Regulated Nursing Workforce Highlights, New Brunswick, 2008

• The number of registrations submitted for regulated nurses in New Brunswick (including
both employed and unemployed) increased 4.3% from 2004 to 2008, from 10,549
to 11,006.

• In 2008, there were 10,488 regulated nurses working in New Brunswick, 74.0%
of whom were RNs and 26.0% of whom were LPNs.

• In 2008, the proportion of the New Brunswick workforce that was female continued
to be high, at 95.6% of RNs and 88.9% of LPNs.

• The average age of regulated nurses in New Brunswick increased. The average age of
regulated nurses was 44.3 in 2008, compared to 43.5 in 2004. In 2008, the average
age of RNs was 44.7 and the average age of LPNs was 43.1.

• The proportion of full-time regulated nurses in New Brunswick increased from 59.7%
in 2004, to 60.6% in 2008. The percentage of nurses in full-time positions in 2008
was 64.3% for RNs and 50.0% for LPNs.

• In 2008, New Brunswick’s regulated nurses worked most often in hospitals, at 67.6%
for RNs and 53.4% for LPNs; the community health sector attracted 11.6% of RNs
and 3.0% of LPNs.

• The proportion of regulated nurses educated internationally in New Brunswick increased.
Overall, in 2008, 1.2% of the regulated nursing workforce in New Brunswick was
educated outside of Canada, compared to 1.1% in 2004.

• A total of 1.5% of the RN workforce and 0.4% of the LPN workforce were internationally educated.