***SELLING OF ENERGY NB IS PREMATURE*** Published February 24, 2010

A group of eleven energy experts took part in the « Options Summit » held in Fredericton on Monday, February 22nd 2010, none of which are politically involved or part of the Coalition of New Brunswick: NB Power not for sale. Some are university professors, others, researchers, while one heads an energy company in the State of Maine. A pool of talent from New Brunswick, Québec and the US.
At the end of the gathering, one could come to the conclusion that selling Energy NB or part of its main assets is to bring a permanent solution to a temporary problem, that a well defined energy policy is badly needed in the province, that other options have not been considered, that the issue be depoliticized. Among options to be considered are wind farms, energy form the biomass, tidal power, the relevance of nuclear power, the smart grid technology, micro-hydro and solar energy.
One speaker suggested that the province must maximize the use of its transmission lines, that the energy policy be taken out of politics, that the province make arrangements for power supplies from elsewhere for periods of time (ten years, more or less) so that contracts can be renegotiated or terminated if so desired. He thinks that the agreement between NB and Québec lacks balance, and is much more risky and less advantageous for New Brunswick than for Quebec.