Coalition meets with Jack MacDougall, Leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick - Posted August 21, 2010

Coalition Executive seating from left to right, Debbie Ellison, Cecile Cassista, Hector Cormier meeting with Jack MacDougall on the Ten point Seniors Vision.

No promises were made to the Coalition representatives however he did say that seniors ought to have access to a health care system such as having a community health care center that would house a number of services.

Mr MacDougall strongly voice the importance of having fair property tax law and that he  favors increasing taxes so that  New Brunswickers would continue to have social programs. He stressed that all New Brunswickers should have a quality of life and by doing that he believes his party would tackle the roots of poverty and social injustice.

He supported the Coalition Ten point document, but caution us that he was not in a position to make any promises at this time. He supported the ambulance fee needs to be restored to no fee as established in 2005. That a home heating program needs to be put in place that is fair for everyone.