Premier meets with Coalition on Ten Point Vision for Seniors - Posted Seprember 4, 2010

Seating Kathy Ervin, Premier Shawn Graham, Cecile Cassista, and Debbie Ellison
On September 2, Premier Shawn Graham took time out of his busy schedule to meet with members of  the Coalition executive to discuss the seniors ten point  vision document.
While the Liberal government has made significant improvements to seniors policy since taking office in 2006 the group wants to ensure that if his party forms government that he will continue to build on making additional improvements.
Some of the key points discussed at the meeting related to the establishment of an Ombudsman office to deal with Complaints and Investigation, Home Care and Aging in Place, Bill of Rights for seniors, Home Heating, Veterans Disability claw-back and Hours of Care in nursing homes.
When the  Liberal government took office in 2006  home care hours increased from 175 hours per month to 336 and the nursing home hours increased from 2.65 to 3.1 hours of care.

The group wants to see more workers hired in nursing homes to provide quality of care and to ensure that caregivers receive worthy wages,benefits and training.