Setting the record straight Published Times & Transcript April 19, 2011

To The Editor:
I'm responding to the Conservative Candidate's comments in the Times & Transcript dated April 15, where he states that he can't participate in an April 20 debate because he "cannot be in two places at once."

Mr. Goguen should be fair and tell the constituents of Moncton- Riverview-Dieppe that he was contacted on April 1, by this writer, and at that time should have stated that he had a conflict with the date.

The writer spoke to his campaign manager on the same date and was not advised of a conflict. Many phone calls were placed to the campaign manager, which were never returned, leading up to April 7 when I learned that there was a conflict with the date and that the candidate was participating at a town hall event. I offered to accommodate the candidate with another date.

They chose not to return phone calls. For the record, let's be fair.

Cecile Cassista,
Coalition For Seniors And Nursing Home
Residents' Rights