Coalition Welcomes New Groups November 14, 2014

(Moncton)  The Coalition for Seniors will hold its board meeting today at Peoples Park Tower, 960 St George Blvd starting at 10:00 a.m. (Media are welcome for photo opt and interviews)
The Executive Director for the Coalition, Cecile Cassista says after celebrating 10 years of achievement other seniors groups recognizes the importance of working together.
 It will be a significant day for the group as three new member groups join to delivery their message on senior policies to the newly elected government. The New Brunswick Seniors Citizen Federation, Riverview Veterans & Armed Forces Association and CN Pensioners have appointed representatives to the Coalition board.
On the agenda the board will also discuss as to whether to collaborate with the New Brunswick Home Care Association that has expressed an interest to work on common issues relative to seniors.
Cassista,  states in addition  to the achievements  being unveiled at the June meeting  the Board will  discuss its affirmation on, “ Seniors Issues Matter “Aging in place “.
The Coalition will be seeking a meeting with government officials to deal with policies that need addressing. Growing the Coalition in numbers is important to get its message across that seniors polices need to improve and be protected says Cassista.
Seniors and Veterans cannot be forgotten by this government.

For more information: Contact:  Cecile Cassista, 506 860 7682 or Cell.  850 5655