Letter to Minister of Finance April, 25, 2015 - Roger Melanson

 To the Minister of Finance, Roger Melanson

Dear Minister Melanson:

I was pleased to see you enjoying a meal out with your family on Friday evening in Moncton. The restaurant serves excellent food in a great atmosphere and I’m sure you selected a delightful meal based on what you felt you could afford to spend. Prices in the menu are well marked and the same for all the patrons.

Wouldn’t it have been a shock if the server handed you the bill at the end of the evening and stated that since you earn lots of money and have some savings, the management has decided to charge you “a little bit more”, therefore they doubled the bill. Wouldn’t it be a shock if everything you bought; your mortgage, car, gas, groceries, all suddenly cost you twice as much because you can afford to pay “a little bit more”. And you can’t escape, everywhere you go, anything you buy costs you “a little bit more” because you can afford it. You wouldn’t know what to do, where to hide, you would be in shock.

That’s how New Brunswick seniors feel. Paying “a little bit more” is threatening the security of seniors. Those seniors already in nursing homes are trapped. They can’t get away from the government cash grab. Others are thinking of fleeing the province, abandoning their roots, their families, their homes. Your policy to seize seniors assets is wrong, it needs to be withdrawn. Seniors deserve respect not threats.

By the way out of respect of your privacy I decided not to approach you to discuss this issue while you were enjoying your meal with your family. I hope it was good and you had a good time.

Yours respectively

Gary Melanson
Woodstock, NB