Ten for Ten Achievements

Coalition for Seniors and Nursing Home Residents’ Rights
                                     10 for 10
1.      Assets – Seizing of Seniors Assets for Nursing Care Facilities
(Assets no longer considered for daily fees in nursing home. 5 % over the daily fees charge to private pay resident’s legislation repealed.)

2.    Low-income Seniors Benefit Allowance Increased to $400.
                                      (Eligibility) Receive the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) reside in the same household, only one
                                       $400.00 benefit will be granted. Residing separately both will be eligible for the benefit. The Federal
                                       Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) previous year (must be 65 years or older) or resident of New
                                       Brunswick and recipient of Old Age Security in Canada.

3.    Home Support Workers’ Wages, Enhancement of Home Support Services for Seniors Living at Home. (336 hours per month nursing care.)

4.    Nursing Home Hours of Care formerly 2.75 - (Increased to 3.1 - Pilot project 3.5.)

5.    Comfort Allowance
                                      (Special Care home $135 per month, Nursing Home $108 per month.)

6.    Provincial Specialized Care Beds. (3B)
(Special Care Homes.)

7.    Ombudsman Jurisdiction, Improved  on line Communication
(Ombudsman jurisdiction-Community residences, special care homes and home support services under contract of Social Development - 65 years of age or over or adults who have a physical or mental disability.)
1-855 550-0552 toll free for seniors and families, Seniors Services available on line,)

8.     Veteran Disability Pension (Not calculated as income, provided linked to the service related injury.)

9.      Standard Contribution Policy Booklet. (Concise understandable language.)

10.                                                                                       Short Term Home Support Care
                              (Extra-Mural provided pending assessment for long term care services or until restoration of function, up to 30 days.)