Mandate of Ombudsman
 In New Brunswick the provincial Ombudsman jurisdiction - community residences, special care homes, home support services and nursing homes - an independent oversight to investigate complaints in  under the contract of Social Development - 65 years of age or over or adults who have physical or mental disability.

 Nine provinces have the jurisdiction to investigate long-term care and nursing care facilities, including New Brunswick with no resources provided to New Brunswick at this time.

New Brunswick does provide a 1-855 550 0552 seniors’ and families, toll-free hot-line for people over 65 looking for information and services.

Operators of nursing care facilities must ensure the next of kin, the coordinator and case manager are notified at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date of discharge.

Operators may discharge a resident anytime the resident is a safety threat to themselves or other individuals in the facility.


·         The government amends the Ombudsman Act so that independent oversight and investigation can be carried out without reprisals for seniors, residents of nursing care facilities and their families.

·         That an advocate for seniors be established in the office of the ombudsman as part of the Seniors Charter of Rights with a 1-800 SENIORS, toll free line with sufficient resources to provide government  information and services.

·         That a policy be implemented where an operator who is unable to resolve an issue or concerns with a resident, will have the issue dealt with by the provincial ombudsman.

·         That all nursing care facilities be legislated to accept individuals on a first come basis.


Ø  Many residents move silently for fear of reprisals from the public and the home operator.

Ø  Nursing care facilities can refuse to accept individuals based on the level of care required.


 August 9, 2012