Russ Mallard Liberal Candidate for Moncton Crescent - Posted September 2, 2010

At a meeting with Russ Mallard Liberal Candidate for Moncton Crescent, Cecile Cassista and Debbie Ellison  discuss the ten point document  released earlier by the Coalition.

To be educated on seniors issues is critical for all candidates in this election says Cecile Cassista executive director, you need to be aware of the issues and understand the implication that we are faced with in this province. Policies affecting seniors should be legislated in a Long Term Care Act.

In New Brunswick we have an aging population and seniors are living longer. According to the 2006 Census there are 107,635 citizens aged 65 years and over in New Brunswick which accounts for 14.7 per cent of a total provincial population as reported in the the Long Term-Care Strategy report " Be Independent Longer. The Coalition executive continues to meet with candidates in other parts of the province to deliver their message that a vision needs to be developed for seniors needs.
     Seated left is Russ Mallard, Cecile Cassista, Debbie Ellison