Letter to Opposition Probe required


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From: Coalition for Seniors<coalitionnb@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Jun 16, 2021 at 7:41 AM
Subject: Manor Belle Vue
To: <Jean-Claude.D'Amours@gnb.ca>
CC: David.Coon@gnb.ca<David.Coon@gnb.ca>, Kris Austin <kris.austin@gnb.ca>, Norman Bosse <Norman.Bosse@gnb.ca>, <Roger.Melanson@gnb.ca>, Cecile Cassista <coalitionnb@gmail.com>, Charles.Murray@gnb.ca<Charles.Murray@gnb.ca>

Dear Jean-Claude

First let me say on behalf of the Seniors organization, the Coalition for Seniors and  Nursing Home Residents’Rights, it’s time for action on all the homes that had an outbreak to be investigated. What went wrong and what can be done better.

Forty-Five elderly have died in these homes with no reporting to the public what went wrong. Was it the lack of staffing, protective equipment, inspection  protocol, workers working in multiple locations, we’re the staff ratio and hours reduced like it was in Campbellton.where the department of Social Development has refused to release the “Right of Information” relating to the agreement with the owner of this home. Why such a secret?
What role did the Seniors Advocate play? The list is endless. 

The Coalition for Seniors has been outspoken from day one of the various outbreaks in long term  care facilities . We just got brushed away on every outbreak that occurred. Emails were sent to all government levels with no response as if we did not exist. Now, we are hearing about this home it’s time the government reveals its reports for all the outbreaks along with recommendations to correct the wrongs.
We are not out of this pandemic, the light at the end of the tunnel is still bright with more potential outbreaks.

It would be appreciated if those who are copied on this email respond to this writer and publicly denounced the department  of Social Development  lack of responsibility to be transparent to the public. It’s time they reveal their findings with recommendations to protect the residents of long term care moving forward. Surely this cannot be difficult to do. Or is it okay what has happened in these homes? It’s time for transparency.

It’s also time that the Seniors Advocate role be expanded with the mandate to effectively do it’s work to protect seniors of this province with additional resources. This is required so that the advocate can do the work mandated to do.
I have copied the Seniors Advocate  in this email

I look forward to a response of what action you will take as opposition in government to ensure  our elderly are protected and will be treated with respect and dignity. As opposition we  believe your voice should be stronger. Your role is to keep the government accountable.

Warm Regards,
Cecile Cassista 
Executive Director 
Coalition for Seniors
and Nursing Home Residents ‘Rights
107 Summerdale Ct
Riverview, NB
506  850 8286