Drug Plan for Seniors

                               Coalition calls for a Universal Drug Program

Drug Plan - Seniors
New Brunswick has a seniors’ drug plan that is designed for low income seniors who are receiving Guaranteed Income Supplement.

For low income seniors, the income threshold range from $17,198 for singles to $32,390 for couples.

 The co-payment amount per prescription is $9.05. The out of pocket expenditure is $500 for single and $1000 for a couple.

 The increase of 100% as of January 2012 has a negative impact on seniors living in poverty and those that have multiple health issues.

 There are 55,384 seniors receiving the guaranteed incomes supplement in New Brunswick.

·         Coalition recommends the province work with the federal government for the implementation of a Universal Pharmacare Plan.

·         A public drug insurance plan should form an integral part of the country’s Pharmaceutical policies.

·         The plan should tie together social programs designed to provide a minimum of well-being for all Canadians.

·         The Economic Case for Universal Pharmacare” sets out two scenarios for reaching the goal of savings of up to 10.7 billion a year:

·         Implementing universal Pharmacare and moderate revision of industrial policies related to drug prices. The current expenditure on prescription drugs are at 25.1 billion.  The report states by having a universal pharmacare plan it would be a net savings with Pharmacare of 4.48 billion.

·         Implementing universal Pharmacare with elimination of industrial policies related to drug prices. Cost savings with a universal Pharmacare plan: save on dispending fees, cost savings with rigorous drug review and price negotiations (as in New Zealand).

·         Eliminate the monthly deductible and the 15 year patent protection for drugs in Quebec and eliminate multiple private-plans savings from cheaper administration and tax subsidies for these plans. 

·         The report also states that many countries, including France, the UK, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand have universal drug plans and as result, pay far less for drugs than Canada.

·         Net savings with Pharmacare of 10.7 billion


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