Policies 1-30

1.1       Healthy and happy seniors living and aging in respect and dignity.
 2.          Mission     
2.1         Quality life for seniors living in residential facilities or at home. 
 3.          Purpose
3.1       The purpose of the Coalition is to lobby to achieve and maintain  affordable and  accessible programs that enhance the quality of life for  seniors and their families.
4.           Universal Right
      4.1         Seniors have a right to happiness and to be treated with respect and     dignity.
5.          Seniors Aging in Place
      5.1         Seniors have a right to remain in their own homes for as long as possible.
      5.2        They should be provided the means to live an active life be it mental, physical, spiritual, or emotional.
      5.3        They should have the opportunity to participate actively, creatively  and interestingly in society through their own communities.
      5.4        They should expect to live in an environment that emphasizes dignity, autonomy, participation, equity, and security.
      5.5        They should have access to a reasonable income.
      5.6        Surviving spouses should have access to a reasonable income.
      5.7        They should have access to a national pharmacare program.
      5.8        They should have access to a national home care plan and a national  respite program.
      5.9        They should have access to well trained caregivers when required.
     5.10       They should have access to a network of seniors community resource   centers providing access to information (healthy lifestyles, chronic disease  management, and program eligibility), and some services such as (foot  care clinics, blood pressure clinics, care-giving workshops); these services     to be borne by Medicare.
     5.11      A time-line for such programs aimed to increase opportunities for seniors to adopt a healthy lifestyle, remain active and prevent social isolation should be implemented by the government.
      5.12     Seniors should be able to rely on peers and neighbors for support.
      5.13     They should have access to means of transportation to accommodate their needs, i.e. ability transit.
      6.        Seniors and Housing
      6.1       Seniors should have access to affordable and flex housing, assisted living  and home care assistance.
     6.2        The government has a duty to support the development of affordable   independent living and assisted living housing accommodations to allow seniors to maintain their independence for as long as possible.
     6.3        The government should avail itself of the pertinent data and information  and support the work of the Atlantic Senior Housing Research Alliance (ASHRA).
      7.         Communication
      7.1       Seniors should have easy access to family and their community while in Nursing Homes and Special Care Homes to avoid social isolation and/or inclusion.
8.       Formal Caregivers
            8.1       Formal caregivers should have access to good working conditions, wages, and benefits similar to other sectors of comparable work in order to improve and ensure recruitment and retention.
8.2       Caregivers should be replaced when they are out on sick leave, injury, leave of absence or vacation time.
8.3        Proper training should be provided at no cost to formal caregivers.
 9.        Provincial Standards
9.1         The government should conduct more frequent unannounced inspections of Special Care Homes and Nursing Homes and provide public access to reports within 30 days.
9.2        It should enforce compliance with legislation, standards, and policies in the delivery of home support services in Special Care Homes and Nursing Homes and provide access to reports within 30 days.
9.3        It should monitor client satisfaction with Nursing Homes, Special Care Homes and in-home services and provide access to such findings within 30 days.
9.4        It should provide public access to inspection reports of Special Care Homes and Nursing Homes within 30 days of their completion.     
9.5       The government should revise standards for all Special Care Homes and Nursing Homes to promote a home like environment and the privacy and safety of seniors and make this information available to residents and their families.
9.6        The government should require Special Care Homes to provide a menu of activities and make them available to residents and their families.
 10.      Conditions of Entry
10.1      The government should require only the previous year of income tax return as a means to simplify the financial assessment process.
 11.       Bedside care in Nursing Homes
  11.1       The government should increase immediately hours of bedside care in Nursing Homes to 3.5 hours per day in order to provide quality care for residents.
  12.       Advisory Body to the Minister
12.1       The Coalition favors a Roundtable formula composed of representatives from provincial seniors’ groups to act as an advisory body providing community input to the Minister.
 13.       Amendment to the Ombudsman Act
13.1       The Coalition requests an immediate amendment to the Ombudsman Act so that independent oversight and investigation can be carried out without reprisals for residents and their families.
14.       Nursing Home Care and Support Workers
14.1      The Coalition strongly advocates that all future Nursing Home Care for levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 be designated as not-for-profit.
14.2      That all in-home services be under the same jurisdiction as the Extra-Mural Program.
   15.       Patient Advocacy Body
  15.1       The Coalition strongly favors the presence of a Patient Advocate for each region of the province to ensure that patients are protected in hospitals and Nursing Homes.
  15.2       That the Patient Advocate be under the responsibility of the Ombudsman to ensure in-dependency and impartiality.
  16.       Financial Contribution
 16.1       That the costs of health care services to Nursing Home residents be the responsibility of the New Brunswick government.
 16.2       That the calculation of family financial contribution for Nursing Home, Special Care Home and Home Care services to residents be based on net income only.
16.3    That the Veteran’s Disability Pension or any pension awarded to those suffering    from disabilities not be calculated as income.

 17.       Nursing Home Act and Bill of Rights
17.1       That the existing Nursing Home Act be complemented by the addition of a concise and easily understandable residents’ Bill of Rights as found in the Ontario’s Nursing Homes Act.
     18.       Board Recognition
18.1       The Board may recognize mainly at its Annual General Meeting or at any other meeting any person it deems deserving for an outstanding contribution to the Coalition. The certificate will read as follows: Coalition for Seniors and Nursing Home Residents Rights’ Award presented to (name of recipient) in recognition for his/her outstanding contribution to the Coalition. Prix de la Coalition pour les droits des aînés et des résidents des foyers de soins offert à (nom du récipiendaire) en reconnaissance de sa contribution exceptionnelle à la Coalition. It will be dated and signed by the President.
     19.       Government Services and Privatization
19.1       The Coalition opposes privatization of government programs – such as heating assistance rebate – thus relinquishing its responsibilities and leaving them to the private sector and/or the non-profit charitable organizations.
   20.      Endorsement
   20.1     The Coalition will not be part of other coalitions, but at times may endorse the efforts of other like-minded groups if they share common interests.
     21        Property Tax
     21.1     That the Property Tax for seniors 65 years and over be base on taxable  income.
     21.2     That the $200 reduction on property tax for low income seniors be based on  income or less) be increased to $400.
     22.       Ambulance Fees
     2.1    That the government restore the ambulance service at no charge to all New  Brunswickers.
     23.      Medication
    23.1.    That the government consult with the public to improve the of benefits its  seniors’ health program administered by Medavie Blue Cross so as to establish a fair rate and benefits for all seniors.
    23.2.   That all over the counter medication be provided at no cost to nursing home residents.
    23.3        That a co-pay premium for seniors 65 and over who receive the Guaranteed Income    Supplement be waived. 
 23.4     That the Pharmacare deductible rate (dispensing fee) not be applicable for seniors receiving guaranteed income supplement.

    24       Annual User Fees
   24.1     That low income seniors with an income of less than $28,000 be exempt from user fees.
    25       Minister of State
  25.1    That the Minister of State for seniors be a full-fledged Minister with a department with sufficient resources including the portfolio of housing  and all matters pertaining to seniors.
   26       Home Energy Assistance Program
26.1     That a standard heating assistance rebate program be developed that  sets out a criteria on the application form, identifying heat source,  proof of purchase, household type and proof of income.
26.2    That a graded scale similar to (Nova Scotia Heat Smart program) that  includes individual income or household income levels be adopted.
26.3    That the individual income level range from Guaranteed Income   Supplement (GIS) or income assistance to $28,000.
26.4    That the household income level range from Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) or income assistance to $42,000.
26.5     That the rebate amounts range from $50 to $450 depending on the main heat source in the home.
26.6    That  all residential heating be eligible for the (PST) 8% rebate.

27    Policy:   Age/Disease. “Health Facilities”
27.1  That the government make provision to accommodate residents who live   in   these  facilities  under such conditions.
27.2     That the all new facilities being opened provide accommodations that  address the need  for age/disease.
28    Policy -  Long-Term Care Act
28.1  Governments have an obligation to ensure that seniors are given a priority by establishing a Long-Term Care Act  that would house all policies affecting seniors.
Eviction Notice Resident Nursing Care
29.1  That all nursing care facilities,manage intakes, transfers and discharges through a unified admissions committee where an operator may bring issues with "problem" residents.

If the facility is unable to arrange a workable agreement between the resident and or sponsor, the resident is placed on a transfer list to a suitable alternative placement providing the resident agrees to the new facility of his or her choice. 

Nursing Care Selection Process
 30    Policy
30.01  That nursing care facilities be legislated to accept residents or seniors on a first come first serve basis.